o1 // About The Brand.

Rise with the sun. Swim with the soul.

Crafted for the unrestrained risers and bold feminine, Peppa is an ethical luxury swimwear brand created for summer lovers and story chasers. A collection of timeless, sustainable, and simple swimwear that focuses on neutral pieces to embrace natural beauty. Designed for long-term loving, Peppa swim’s collection is curated with longevity and slow fashion in mind. Enduring and long-lasting, each piece is crafted to tell a story beyond the beach and loved for years to come.

Inspired by mama earth and the ease of luxury, Peppa swim is an earthy blend of ethical quality and simplicity. Ensuring body inclusivity, our range features flattering cuts, modern color palettes and sizes from small to full. Our down-to-earth design approach makes each piece versatile, perfect to put the play in poolside, beachside or après swim. Dress up or down, our collection is refined, classic, and simply made with a touch of Peppa.


o2 // Sustainable Textiles.

Saving the world, one bikini at a time.

This is the cornerstone of our brand, to tread a little lighter on mama earth by creating an eco-conscious brand rooted in ethical production practices and the good of green. We believe bikinis belong at the beach, and not plastic. Which is why we have curated our waste-to-wear range, made from 100% regenerated materials (including discarded fishing nets that are removed from the ocean, accounting for nearly 10% of ocean pollution). Crafted with mindfulness, conscious care, and pure intention, each piece is a sustainable step towards a greener planet.


o3 // Biodegradable Packaging.

We pay attention to the finer details that support the sustainable solution, including the packaging. With the intention to go green (or go home), we have ditched the plastic and chose plants instead. Our packaging is 100% eco-friendly. From our mailers made from 70gsm natural sack kraft to our biodegradable bags made from corn, each bikini is signed, sealed, and delivered with a green stamp.


o4 // Philanthropic Initiatives.

Mama Earth. The green thread within our brand and the heart of our purpose. Devoted to the future of our planet, we pledge 1% of our sales to the preservation and restoration of the environment.

Black Women in Business. "The most disrespected person in America is the Black women. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.” - Malcom X

Planting the seed of hope, change and power within the hearts of American Black women is an essential value within our brand. We aim to empower, educate, and inspire Black female business owners by pledging 2% of our sales to charities that provide Black female entrepreneurs with the tools, resources and support needed to succeed.


o5 // Founder.

PEPPA was born as a response – to the world.

The world has become one giant roller coaster ride filled with fast paced everything. Consumerism has reached its peak, everything we want is at our fingertips and yet, we find ourselves craving less stuff and more quality. To live a life of ease, substance, and intention. We believe our world is evolving and our desire to ground down surpasses the need to fill up.

Inspired by the sentiment of slow, sustainable and something purposeful, I curated a brand that could become a modern-age voice for both our earth and the bold females that call it home. With the intention to make women feel at ease within their skin, I wanted to design a simple, relaxed collection that invoked comfort, confidence, and the spice of Peppa. Our philosophy is rooted in “less is more”, from the simplicity of our designs to the eco-friendly packaging, Peppa is a future-forward expression of green summers and lasting stories.

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