PEPPA Swim is a collection born out of a deep love for the beach and bikinis, created for beach babes who are part mermaid, part queen. 

We believe all women are beautiful, and our bikinis are designed to let your true beauty shine. At PEPPA Swim, we curate a collection of the latest swimwear we know you’ll love. Our collection is simple yet bold, minimalistic yet fashion-forward, and comfortable yet luxurious-- all designed to make you feel sexy and confident. Fall in love with our silky soft bikinis that feel incredible on your skin. 

Our bold bikinis with daring cuts and sexy silhouettes are designed to make every woman feel empowered and fierce. Whether sipping cocktails by your backyard pool or jet setting across the world to exotic beaches, when you slip into a PEPPA Swim bikini, you’ll take a holiday from ordinary and enter a world filled with spice, where you’re #HOTLIKEPEPPA

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