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The Best Secret Hidden European Beach Destinations

It's no secret that Europe is a great place to go for summer vacations. Warm sunny days and places to shop or eat is how we like it best. But if you're wanting to travel to an area without high traffic and popular tourist areas, check out these top secret-hidden beach destinations that you've never even heard of. 

Atrani, Italy

Right off the Amalfi Coast is where you can find this hidden gem. Get an incredible view overlooking the Mediterranean while you get a taste of authentic Italian food. Atrani is a small fishing village, so this makes it a quiet place to visit while you have the chance to relax on the beach. This is also the place to be if you enjoy sight-seeing and sixteenth-century architecture. 

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Es Grau, Menorca

What could be better than hanging out on the north-east coast of Menorca? It's a beautiful area with turquoise scenery that lasts for miles. If you enjoy beaches with calm, shallow waters, then this is the place to travel. It's literally like swimming in a giant pool. Plus, some areas lead you to rocky coves and landscapes filled with abundant greenery.

Peljesac Peninsula, Croatia

Can't decide if you want the beach or a beautiful view of the mountains? Well, you can have both when you visit the Peljesac Peninsula. Located on the south-facing bay of southern Dalmatia, you've got amazing views. This landscape is a must-see with beautiful palm trees, shallow-blue waters, white sand, and a mountain backdrop. 

This ultimate destination has vineyards to quench your thirst for wine-tasting amongst one of their local villages. 

Crozon Morgat, Brittany

Crozon Morgat is a beach nestled in between Point de Penhir and Point du Raz. This place is also a sight to see It's popular amongst surfers and water sports enthusiasts. If you come to Crozon Morgat in the summer, make sure you book around their annual summer 'Festival du Bout du Monde.' Their festival celebrates world music for over three days. The seafood is always fresh, and it has the most exceptional dining experiences to date. 

Oludeniz, Turkey

Along the south-western coast of Turkey, you'll see that Oludeniz beaches lie here. Widely popular amongst the locals. Sandy, curved beaches with blue waters will make you want to sit back and relax the entire day. But aside from the lovely beaches, you must make your way into the local towns where the streets are hustling with fresh food markets and exceptional cuisine.


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