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5 Affordable 'Post' Self-isolation Vacation Destinations

If you just can't wait to go somewhere after this pandemic is over, we hear you. We’re ready to hit the beach just as much as you are. Keep reading to find out which destinations are our top picks for your 'post' self-isolation vacation.

Find Your Tropic Paradise in Fiji

One of the world's most spectacular locations where the waters are crystal clear and the sun is always shining. It's truly a tropical paradise where nature is filled with different shades of blues and greens. But you shouldn't just come here for the beaches, Fiji has so much more to offer with the culture, food, and fun experiences for all. 

The warmer the place, the warmer the people are, right? Fijians will make sure to give you a proper welcome when you come to stay for a little while. And they are more than happy to help you discover the local adventures that are yet to be seen.

Get Away to Costa Rica

When you're looking for an adventure, come to Costa Rica. Once you arrive, you can expect great food and luxurious places to stay. Not only that, but you can even anticipate lush rainforests filled with diverse wildlife, sandy beaches, river valleys, and much more. 

Discover infamous tourist activities taking you to places that often involve river rafting, ziplining, cave tubing, and canyoning. 

When you’re ready to take a break from all that adventure, go for a relaxing evening night out. This country has numerous spots to go shopping and places to eat for even the utmost foodies around. Getting away to Costa Rica might sound expensive. But you can find hotels with spas for about $250 per night. 

Head Over to Colombia

Colombia is becoming a hotspot destination that people want to travel to for their next vacation. Cities like Bogota are booming with every inch of touristy areas that offer guidance through sightseeing, architectural appearances, and politics. 

Stumble upon places where some of the most exquisite street art, colorful buildings, and flash mob dances take place. You can also taste the freshest coffee in the world that Colombia has to offer and exotic fruits that seem to give off a zingy taste. 

You can make this dream trip a reality and stay at places like the Conrad Cartegena for as low as $131 per person a night. 

Dive into Calm Waters at Zanzibar

Need a place to be that you never thought you'd have in mind? Enjoy a trip to one of Zanzibar's top prettiest resorts. Or you can stay on the mainland of Tanzania for an even more affordable price. The Ramada by Wyndham in Dar es Salaam starts at $148 per night, which is located at Jangwani beach. 

Experience soft and sandy beaches. And catch an island tour offering exciting activities that are customizable. From horseback riding to windsurfing. Zanzibar has plenty of accommodations. 

Enjoy an All-inclusive Retreat at Tulum, Mexico

Before you head down to Mexico, check out some of the must-have swimwear sets to take with you. Get ready to catch some waves in the latest swimsuits. Here you will find unique fashion and best sellers that even the top Instagram influencers love to wear. 

Com stay at Tulum's resort at Ahau. There, you can find your own slice of paradise that overlooks the beach. Ahau Tulum includes its own restaurant and a cafe that consists of a nice smoothie bar and vegan food. Ahau also offers daily yoga and watersport classes that you won't want to miss out on. 

Did I mention you can stay in Bali Huts? The weather is pleasant all year long, so if you decide to take advantage of this vacation in the winter, you can expect to pay only $100 a night here.

Affordable Tulum Mexico travel destination

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